New Moody's service arrives to rate debt issuers in Mexico

New Moody’s service arrives to rate debt issuers in Mexico

This does not mean that Moody’s Investors Service stops providing its services with global methodologies and scales.

“Moody’s Investors Service will continue to offer ratings on a global scale for cross-border debt issues made by issuers domiciled in Mexico and in the other Latin American markets where Moody’s is present,” the document specified.

Therefore, both services will continue to apply to issuers in Mexico, and a change in one of the ratings of the platforms for the issuers will not merely represent a change on the part of the other.

Moody’s Local ratings represent a forward ranking order of creditworthiness within the local market of a specific country.

They are not comparable between countries and are different and independent from the opinions and global credit ratings of Moody’s Investors Service, the global credit rating agency, detailed the institution.

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With the arrival of Moody’s Local in Mexico, the credit rating agency concludes the expansion of its local ratings platform in the main markets of Latin America.

The rating agency highlighted that Mexico’s local debt market stands out from the rest of the emerging market economies and is positioned as the second largest local bond market in Latin America.

Moody’s Local Mexico ratings and assessments currently cover financial institutions, corporates, regional governments and funds, among other debt issuers.

Moody’s Local ratings in Mexico will be assigned by Moody’s Local, a 100%-owned subsidiary of Moody’s Corporation, licensed to provide rating services under the regulation of the National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV), with an active and solid presence established in the country.

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