Justice of Ortega ratifies sentence against Ana Margarita Vijil

Justice of Ortega ratifies sentence against Ana Margarita Vijil

The Nicaraguan regime confirmed the conviction against the opposition Ana Margarita Vijil. The Managua Court of Appeals (TAM) rejected the appeal filed by the defense of the opponent. Vijil was sentenced to 10 years in prison for the alleged crime of “conspiracy to undermine national integrity”.

Through its Twitter account, the Legal Defense Unit (UDJ) reported that “Criminal Chamber 1 of the TAM (Managua Court of Appeals) confirms the conviction against Ana Margarita Vijil by declaring without merit the appeal filed by the defense. We reiterate that the sentences are issued without calling an appeal hearing, despite having been requested by the defense.

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Ortega’s justice condemned the leader of the Renovating Democratic Union (Unamos) using Law 1055, Law of Sovereignty; regulations used by the Nicaraguan regime to brand opponents as “traitors of the homeland.”

Vijil faced a marathon trial, which began on Wednesday, February 2, at eight in the morning and ended at night. The hearing was held at the Judicial Assistance Directorate (DAJ), known as “El Nuevo Chipote” in Managua, where the regime’s hostage has been held captive since June 13, 2021.

María Josefina Gurdián, known as “Pinita”, mother of the opponent, through a Facebook Live; She stated that at the end of the long trial, Vijil with great “dignity and courage” raised her voice and declared herself a human rights defender and immediately afterwards, when asked to sign the record, “she wrote under her signature, in her own handwriting: political prisoner.

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In all the political trials held against the electoral hostages, from February 1 to date, the witnesses have been police officers, who argue that the political leaders “attacked the homeland.”

Her relatives have denounced that Vijil “is getting thinner”, in isolation and under psychological torture, but they assure that despite this “far from intimidating or embittering her, they are making her a better person every day. They have never been able to erase her sincere smile, the cleanliness of her gaze that reflects a compassionate and generous soul. She works every day turning all the suffering into a positive”, said her mother.

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