New line of beauty products launched in New York

New line of beauty products launched in New York

NEW YORK.- The new line of beauty products “Lía” was launched on the New York market from a supermarket in the bronx, with the assistance of more than a hundred people, mainly women.

Your president, Yomari Goyso, presenter of the channel Univisión-41, thanked the attendance mostly of Dominican women, of whom he said he felt very good for the support, and that he has always been very loved by the Dominican community.

Goyso, who was the guest of honor at the Dominican National Parade, held last Sunday in Manhattan, autographed his book “Nude” that he gave to the attendees, explaining that the volume was published so that the public knows his story at no cost.

He indicated that they are already in supermarkets, they can be purchased online or by phone, and that this event was to open the sale of products in commercial establishments, but that they are also sold online.

He described his products as very successful, with the goal of maintaining the triumph and continuing to maintain its quality.

For his part, the Dominican marketer and TV producer, Freddy Arias, coordinator of the event, highlighted the success of the event held at the “Cherry Valley Marketplace” supermarket, located at 801 E. Gun Hill Rd in the Bronx, a line of commercial establishments throughout the city, where the product will be sold.

He reported that the event will continue to be held in other states and cities in the United States, including the media.

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