Minister José Gavidia on embezzlement investigation: "All the required information was delivered"

José Luis Gavidia participates in recognition for operation ‘Patriota’ after his resignation

minister of who presented his resignation on Wednesday, August 17, led the recognition ceremony for the work of the soldiers who participated in the ‘Patriot’ operation in Vraem.

The outgoing member of the Cabinet gave a brief speech at the event that took place this Friday the 19th in Jesús María, as the President of the Republic, Pedro Castillo; and the prime minister, Aníbal Torres; He has not yet accepted his resignation or appointed his replacement.

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“On this morning, which may be the last in which I will be with you as Minister of Defense, you know that I submitted my resignation a couple of days ago, I want to express my eternal gratitude”, said Gavidia after qualifying the ‘Patriota’ operation as the “most successful in the last 20 years”.

José Luis Gavidia participated in the ‘Patriota’ operation ceremony. (Ministry of Defence)

Until now, the Minister of Defense assured that he is leaving office with the satisfaction of having contributed to solving major problems in the country, specifically in the Defense sector. “With a clear conscience of having worked and given all of myself”assured.

“I am sure that whoever will relieve me will be much better than me. We, in the Defense sector, work as a team. The most important decisions are made by the higher council of the Ministry of Defense, made up of the minister, the head of the Joint Command and the general commanders.”said Jose Luis Gavidia.

The ceremony was attended by General Manuel Gómez de la Torre, head of the Joint Command of the Armed Forces, in addition to the three general commanders of the Army, Navy and Air Force.


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