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New historical record: 2.3 million tourists were mobilized for these holidays

New historical record: 2.3 million tourists were mobilized for these holidays

Mar del Plata registers 75% occupancy (Photo: Alejandro Moritz).

some of 2.3 million tourists mobilized throughout the country for this extra long weekenda new historical record since it was established in 2016, and which doubles the figures for 2019, according to provisional estimates from the private sector.

The increase in movement against the same weekend of 2019 exceeds 100% and “confirm the strong domestic tourism growthwhich had already shown numbers much higher than the pre-pandemic throughout the summer season, during the extra long weekend of Carnival and in the last Holy Week”, reported from the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Nation.

“We are looking at two very auspicious phenomena: on the one hand, the consolidation of emerging destinations that are expanding the tourist offer of our country; and on the other, as happened in the summer season that lasted between December and March, today we see that the winter season has already been brought forward to June,” he said. Matthias Lammens holder of the Tourism and Sports portfolio.

(Photo: Alejandro Moritz).

And he stated: “This is great news for the tourism sector, which today is one of the main engines of the recovery of economic activity and job creation.”

The north is the region with the highest occupancy level: it exceeded 90 percent in its main destinationssuch as the Jujuy localities of Quebrada de Humahuaca (95%) and San Salvador (93%), or the Salta localities of San Lorenzo (100%), San Antonio de los Cobres (100%) and Rosario de la Frontera (100 %).

There is also a good level of occupancy in large cities and capitals that have a large hotel capacity, such as Rosario (95%), Santa Fe (80%), CABA (76%), Mar del Plata (75%), San Miguel de Tucumán (81%), San Salvador (93%), Salta Capital (90%), La Rioja Capital (100%), Posadas (75%), Paraná (70%), City of Mendoza (90%) and Villa Carlos Paz (90%).

Mar del Plata has numbers close to those of the main weekends of the yearor, like Carnival and Easter, while the snow destinations, whose ski resorts have opened their doors, such as Bariloche, Esquel and Villa La Angostura present an excellent level of occupancy, which anticipates a record winter season.

A postcard from Neuquén (Photo: Press).

The City of Buenos Aires, the last destination to reactivate after the pandemic, consolidates its recovery from the command of domestic and foreign tourism, while the province with the highest level of occupation is La Rioja, which is close to 100 percent.

It is estimated that Aerolineas Argentinas transported some 300 thousand peopleadded the statement.

“We’re having a weekend much higher than we had anticipated, which were already high figures. These numbers anticipate an absolutely record winter season with the strong boost that the arrival of a million foreign tourists will give it,” Lammens estimated.

Bariloche, which with the opening of the ski season, remains on the podium as in the summer season, while two important destinations in the north are also among the top ten, the region with the highest growth in recent years : Termas de Río Hondo (95%) and Salta Capital.

The destinations of the Atlantic Coast, despite the fact that it is not their high season, have a great turnout this long weekend and support Mar del Plata, Villa Gesell and Partido de la Costa among the top ten.

Classic destinations such as Carlos Paz, Mendoza and Iguazú remain in the top 10.

Among the first 20 are important destinations in Patagonia such as El Calafate, Puerto Madryn and Ushuaia; big cities like Córdoba and Rosario; the main destinations of Entre Ríos such as Colón and Federación; mountain towns such as Merlo and Tandil; and another icon of the north such as the Quebrada de Humahuaca.

“We went back to experience a long weekend in which both established and emerging tourist locations, large cities and nature destinations, have had a very high occupancy rate, with a level of spending much higher than before the pandemic. It is great news , tourism is underway and is generating opportunities and work throughout the country”Lammens emphasized.

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