Guarani propose to strengthen fight against Covid-19 with traditional medicine

Guarani propose to strengthen fight against Covid-19 with traditional medicine

The certification of traditional Guaraní doctors, the formation of the municipal traditional medicine council, the incorporation of representatives of traditional medicine in the Chaco region, the recognition of traditional ancestral Guaraní doctors and the implementation of artisanal traditional medicine laboratories were some of the the conclusions systematized by the Guarani nation in its meeting called Dialogue for the exchange of experiences of the Guarani nation, in the context of Covid-19.

The document will be delivered in the coming days to the health authorities of the three levels of government. The meeting was organized by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), in coordination with Plan International (PI), the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the National Directorate of Traditional Medicine of the Ministry of Health and Sports.

The assembly was held with the aim of learning about the experiences and strategies used by the peoples of the Chaco area at the time of the pandemic, and thus, through the ECHO Chaco Project, strengthen the response capacities of health centers and indigenous peoples in the face of Covid-19, and mitigate their risks.

The ECHO Chaco Project seeks to benefit more than 60 thousand inhabitants of the most vulnerable regions of the Chaco.

Paulina Cuevas, vice president and zonal captain of the Assembly of the Guaraní People (APG) of Villa Montes (Tarija), thanked PAHO for supporting the meeting and indicated that the only way to defeat Covid-19 is by being united, using the biosecurity measures and also traditional medicine.

“It has not been easy for us to face the pandemic, but we were able to fight it thanks to our traditional medicines, we began to prepare the remedies, using products such as chipi, matico, vira-vira, anamú, lemon, honey, that we have inside of our communities and helping each other emotionally,” he said.

The meeting took place after more than two years, because of the global health crisis, and it took place over three days of hard work. The council of captains, health officials and traditional doctors of the Guaraní nation presented their experiences, difficulties and concerns in the face of the new wave of infections.

There were more than 150 people who met, prioritizing all biosafety measures, at the “Tekove Katu” health school, in the Kereimba Iyambae Autonomous Indigenous Government (formerly the municipality of Gutiérrez).

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