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New femicide in Ñemby: author would be ex-partner of the victim

Around 4:40 p.m., a homicide was reported in a private home located in the San Carlos neighborhood of the city of Ñemby.

The fatal victim was identified as María Teodolina Delgado Duré, 39, who lost her life after receiving several gunshots.

The author of the crime would be her ex-partner, named Julio César Santacruz, 53, who arrived at the woman’s home on a motorcycle to commit the attack.

The neighbors commented that after hearing shots and the desperate cry of a girl (the woman’s daughter), they notified the Police so that they could intervene, finding this fateful outcome.

Cipriano Rolón Valenzuela was also in the house at the time of the incident and was hit by some projectiles, for which he had to be urgently referred to the Trauma Hospital.

The uniformed men believe that the crime would have a passionate background, probably due to some annoyance of Santacruz against Delgado, despite the fact that several months have passed since the breakup between the two.

The perpetrator of the crime is unaccounted for and is already being sought by the National Police.

María Teodolina Delgado Duré orphaned a 9-year-old girl, who witnessed everything that happened.

The entrance New femicide in Ñemby: author would be ex-partner of the victim was first published in diary TODAY.

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