New dance company Ensemble will premiere works in Cuba

Cuba today has a new contemporary dance company called Ensemble and based in the province of Ciego de Ávila, where it will debut on January 29 with the production Beyond everything.

According to an article by the National Council for the Performing Arts, maestro Carlos Alberto Beckford is in charge of the new group that will premiere the scene with the play X-dad, by choreographer Andy Rodríguez.

Beckford’s intention with the Emsemble proposal is to expand the creative and work possibilities that graduate students of the specialty have in the territory.

As he said, the group will remain open to the collaboration of choreographers, directors and dancers who wish to contribute to the technical and artistic growth of its members.

Likewise, he expressed his interest in incorporating into his repertoire some classic pieces from the rich and varied flow of dance from the past and the contemporary.

With this premise and learning ideas, Beckford brought together for the occasion the director and members of the Rosario Cárdenas Company, the choreographer José Antonio Chávez and the leader of the Camagüey Ballet, Regina Balaguer.

Cárdenas thanked the invitation and referred to the meaning of this brotherhood, which speaks a lot about the evolution of dance and the strength and admirable will of the members of the new group.

The experience is magical because of the possibility of helping to found a dance nucleus. Ensemble needs everyone’s support, mainly institutions and creators with more experience, highlighted the 2013 National Dance Award.

The Cárdenas group will join the Ensemble at the premiere and will treat the public to a face-to-face performance at the Carmen cinema, with a fragment of their work Tribute to El Monte and Desire, by the choreographer Nelson Reguera.

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