New clashes in Las Bambas: “we are not afraid of death”, leader quotes (PHOTOS)

New clashes in Las Bambas: “we are not afraid of death”, leader quotes (PHOTOS)

Last Wednesday, the people of Fuerabamba who were on the Las Bambas property were evicted by the Police, leaving a dozen wounded and the same number of detainees, however by Thursday the protesters regrouped, heading once towards the mining camp and colliding with the Police.

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From 10:00 a.m. hundreds of community members moved towards the main entrance of the mining camp, throwing stones at the security of the place and the police contingent of protection, being dispersed with tear gas as happened a day before.

In recent statements by the president of the Fuerabamba peasant community, Edison Vargas, he pointed out that “do not fear death” and that they will recover the land they sold to the mine eight years ago, at all costs.


“Here there is no hope, the people’s decision is that Las Bambas will not and that is why we are not going to stop fighting, Las Bambas declared war on us yesterday, that does not stop here, we are very sore and if they imprison us that is how it will have to be”, said the community leader.

He also emphasized that they are no longer waiting for a dialogue table nor are they seeking to meet with the authorities of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers nor representatives of the mining company, they simply will not let Las Bambas operate again from the date.

New clashes in Las Bambas: “we are not afraid of death”, leader quotes (PHOTOS)

“Las Bambas is not going to restart its operations, there are wounded, there are disappeared, we are not going to stop this fight. The state of emergency does not intimidate us, at this moment we are going to enter our property and there we want to be killed, we are not afraid of death, we are going to resume our positions, we are ready for anything”, finished.

Despite the fact that the authorities mentioned that until yesterday there had been three injuries (two community members and a mine staff) and 11 detainees, the people of Fuerabamba accuse more than 100 wounded and up to 50 disappeared, they also indicate that the mine has hired foreign security personnel, whom they hold responsible for the clashes.


– Fuerabamba’s main request is the purchase of 180 hectares of land for grazing, since they indicate not having in Nueva Fuerabamba. From the mine they assure that the population should organize and establish a purchase commission, something that would not have happened.

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