Custodiados por policías, choferes sacados del corredor Charles Gaulle marchan al Palacio Nacional

Guarded by police, drivers taken from the Charles Gaulle corridor march to the National Palace

After the authorities seized their vehicles, dozens of drivers who were left out ofthe Charles de Gaulle corridor, They marched this Thursday morning to the National Palace in protest at what they consider an “outrage.”

The passenger transport workers were on their way to the Government House along Hermanas Miraban Avenue, in Villa Mella, guarded by several agents of the National Police and the Army. They complain that they were not taken into account and were left with no choice where to work.

Intrant will take out cars and buses that do not belong to the corridor

Earlier, the drivers belonging to the National Federation of Transport La Nueva Option (Fenatrano), obstructed Charles de Gaulle avenue caused a heavy traffic jam, which started from Av. Hermanas Mirabal Km. 9½ with Charles de Gaulle, and extends eastward after the Dr. Ney Arias Lora Traumatology Hospital, in protest for not being included in the new transport system implemented by the Government.

John Hubierespresident of Fenatrano, indicates that with the implementation of the aforementioned corridor, more than three routes were affected, for which he described the act as abusive and inhumane by the authorities.

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