New chancellor, one of the best paid in the Government

Julio Cesar Arriola Ramírez, until a few days ago, ambassador to the United Nations (UN) will be sworn in as the new chancellor of the Republic, this, after the resignation of Euclides Acevedo from the position. The new Minister will have as primary objective to continue with the review of Annex “C” of the Itaipu Treaty.

Arriola began to hold high positions in 2013 with the assumption of the Government of Horacio Cartes. He held the Vice Ministry of Administration and Technical Affairs until 2015. He then became ambassador to the Government of Canada until the end of 2016. From the beginning of 2017, he moved to New York, to be a representative before the United Nations (UN). and ambassador of the same city, a position he was occupying lately before being appointed National Chancellor.

One aspect that draws Arriola’s attention is the high salaries he receives, as observed in the open data portal of the Ministry of Finance.

Taking into account salaries, representation expenses, bonuses, travel expenses and Christmas bonus, Arriola received more than G. 1,000 million per year.

Only taking into account the sums received as salaries, he received in 2021, an average of G. 63 million monthly. While, in the first two months of 2022, he earned on average, the sum of G. 64 million per month.

The open data portal has information from 2013 to date.

Ambassador Julio Arriola is a career diplomat with more than three decades in public service. During his tenure as Permanent Representative of Paraguay to the United Nations, he actively participated in various roles at the United Nations. He presided over the General Assembly as Vice President on numerous occasions and was appointed Acting President of the General Assembly during the President’s absence.

At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Arriola held multiple positions throughout his diplomatic career, including Deputy Minister of Administration and Technical Affairs, Member of the Promotions Council, General Director of Multilateral Policy, Director of International Organizations and Head of Department from North America, the Caribbean and Oceania.

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