Chimbote: they denounce that a 3-year-old girl was abused in the initial school

Chimbote: they denounce that a 3-year-old girl was abused in the initial school

Mothers of families from an initial education school denounced that a subject sexually abused a 3-year-old girl inside the educational center located in the young town of La Victoria, in Chimbote.

Everything happened in the Educational Institution No. 1546 and the fact was communicated by the victim herself, who underwent a legal medical examination that confirmed the sexual assault, reported América Noticias.

“The girl said that here at school she was abused by a person. According to versions of the parents, this subject would be the son of the security guard “he pointed Milagros Munozattorney for the complaining family.

The subject was identified as Klever Vladimir Herrera Salinas and is already detained by the National Police. The director of IE No. 1546, Luz Ríos, demanded that the father of the accused give his defense.

After learning of this complaint, several parents came to the school and indicated that they would not send their children to classes until justice is served for this new case of rape against a minor.


The Ombudsman’s Office indicated that it monitors state actions so that the attacked minor receives comprehensive care, both physical and mental.

We supervise that the urgent tax proceedings are carried out and determine the necessary protection measures by the family court on duty… We demand a prompt and due diligence investigation, in accordance with the best interests of the girl”, said the entity.


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