Nenecho loses control of the Municipal Board

Nenecho loses control of the Municipal Board

Luis Fernando Ovelar, Colorado Councilor (abdist) defeated Jorge “Turi” Capello (Colorado Chartist) and is the new president of the Municipal Board of Asunción.

It should be remembered that of the 24 councilors, 15 belong to the Colorado Party. Capello was the candidate of Óscar “Nenecho” Rodríguez, the reelected mayor of Asunción. His nomination was seconded by Chartist and Liberal councilors.

The voting culminated 12 to 12, so the person in charge of the tiebreaker was the most elected councilor during the municipal elections, precisely Luis Fernando Ovelar, who, voting for himself, kept the position.

Bernal thanked the benches of the Patria Querida party (three votes) and the Alianza Encuentro Nacional (one vote) for supporting him.

“They are parties with a word, with courage and with a desire to serve the citizenry,” he said at a press conference. Álvaro Grau from PPQ will be its vice president.
The voting was as follows; seven Red Chartists plus the five Liberals supported Capello. While eight Colorado abdists plus three from the PPQ and one from the AEN supported Bernal.

The National Encounter (PEN) and Patria Querida (PPQ) parties issued a statement on the victory of Bernal and Grau. They called the Rodríguez administration chaotic and corrupt.

“The only way in which the Board is not a submissive and complacent body is to be comptrollers and not be part of the same political team,” reads part of the statement.

Óscar “Nenecho” Rodríguez, elected mayor of Asunción, gave a press conference after being sworn in. He reported that this Friday the initial shovel of the Molas López drain will take place and that therefore there will be a period of 45 days of road safety education where fines will not be applied.

He reported the change in the address of Market 4 after the last fire. Juan Villalba will replace Christian Bareiro in the position. He also promised investigations into the allegations of sexual betting and asked for the support of the press in the face of anti-popular measures that he will take in order to avoid more accidents.

“Through the legal advice we will analyze the complaints of clandestine connections. We will take some measures that are not populist. For example, the clearing of spaces in the market 4. There is a double standard, but some permit holders also violate the rules ”, he mentioned.

Regarding the complaints for alleged cases of overbilling, he pointed out that all the renditions related to Covid-19 are in the hands of the prosecution and the Comptroller’s Office.
“The Prosecutor’s Office is doing the documentary analysis on the accusation. The institutions will have the last word on complaints. Let us report objectively. An example, when we begin to clear the permit holders and non-permit holders who violate the rules, let us accompany and do not question the decisions ”, he emphasized.

The press conference was marked by the massive presence of hurreros who intimidated the journalistic work. When asked about irregularities by the communicators, they responded with whistles.

Regarding the election, he pointed out that it was a friend of his and congratulated him for winning the votes.

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