Neighbors tie and grab a subject who snatches cell phones in Huancayo

Neighbors tie and grab a subject who snatches cell phones in Huancayo

“Hit him, hit him, for him to learn, he must work, he is young. Next time we will burn it”, repeated the neighbors who caught a subject who had just stolen a woman’s cell phone. Leonardo David, Egoavil Pérez, received a beating that he will never forget, before being handed over to the Police. The 25-year-old, who wanted to ‘wake up early’ to his victim, was beaten with a stick.

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Yesterday at 8:50 am, at Jr. Trujillo and Psje. Los Álamos, the neighbors caught Leonardo Egoávil and tied him to a pole to punish him.

According to witnesses, the detainee took a cell phone from Adelma Rojas (29), who was walking through Jr. Trujillo. The beaten subject was rescued by police from El Tambo. Already at the police station, he apparently convulsed due to the blows he received, being assisted.

And at 5:15 in the morning, a young man who forced a vehicle to sleep, woke up when a mob of neighbors handcuffed him. This happened in block 8 of Jr. La Merced and Pje. Zanabria, where 7 vehicles were parked.

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The security camera captured Abraham Ruiz Macasi (23) getting into the car F10-528, where he took a nap and that almost cost him his freedom. The neighbors, annoyed, handcuffed him with a rope. Watchmen from the district of El Tambo and police officers took him to the police station. Judith Zanabria (35), said that the camera gave away the sleeper.

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