Neighbors of Areguá are fed up with the noisy shed

Neighbors of Areguá are fed up with the noisy shed

In Santa Librada, Estanzuela, Areguá, in 2019, a shed was built for all kinds of activities, without the structural conditions to avoid noise pollution, in a neighborhood characterized as residential.

In fact, the administration prior to that of Denis Torres has already changed the Territorial and Environmental Management Plan (POTA) to make the neighborhood go from residence to industrial, that means that heavy and minor industries can be established. Thus, a gas station and a gas fractionator were installed some time ago, whose complaints were not attended by the municipality.

They changed the territorial plan to benefit individuals.

Regarding the shed that seems to belong to a friend of the re-elected Colorado mayor Denis Torres, requests for reports and complaint notes were submitted to the municipality before the pandemic, because in 2019 the noise pollution caused by parties, shows was already a problem. and other events on the premises.

During the pandemic, the problem decreased considerably, not due to municipal intervention, but due to the restriction measures imposed by the Ministry of Health with respect to crowding of people. But now, back to normal, the place has recovered its movement, despite the fact that no structural solutions were incorporated into the building to avoid noise and inconvenience to the neighbors.

In the last 15 days, the situation has already exceeded the possible limits of tolerance by the inhabitants (approximately 30 families) who adjoin the mega event center installed in the middle of the rest period for working people. People say they feel up when they walk inside the building.

One Saturday, a school party lasted until 05:00, inside and outside the premises. Another day, a dance festival started at 09:00 and ended at 20:00. Last Friday, another activity of massive concurrence hampered the access to the neighbors by the normal roads since the attendees parked their vehicles disorderly.

A municipal and fiscal commission already visited the place in 2019, to recommend adjustments to the structure of the event venue installed on Ruta Areguá-Patiño, in front of the Eco del Lago urbanization. Until now, the improvements consisted in putting blindex to the openings that until three months ago neither fitted doors and windows had.

Through the unified public information portal, in 2018, the name of the owner of the premises was consulted, which was believed to be built for a sports center, as well as which ordinance or resolution authorized the building and under what conditions. Despite the deadline, the municipality of Areguá never responded to the queries.

Jorge García Riart, one of the affected neighbors, said that they went to the National Police and to the same commune. But they did not have favorable responses.
“We are collecting signatures to take to the Public Ministry and MADES. The National Police need the decibel meter. In addition, they can only act with events that happen in the streets, but not in the shed that is rented to third parties, “he said.

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