Neighbors block the route to La Guardia to demand educational items

Neighbors block the route to La Guardia to demand educational items

A large group of parents, for second consecutive day, blocks the route to La Guardia, demanding the provision of items for teachers in 90 educational units of that municipality. The blocking point was installed at kilometer 13.

Due to the road blockade, hundreds of vehicles are stranded on both sides of the blockade point. Until 8:00, the line of motorcycles exceeded four kilometers; passengers are forced to make transfers and walk long distances with their luggage in tow.

Rufino Correa, the interim mayor mediated between the parents and the Departmental Director of Education, Edwin Huayllani for speed up a resolution that allows the blockade to be lifted.

According to the report offered by the guardian mayor, Huayllani assumed the commitment to carry out an official delivery of items for this municipality to Saturday.

For her part, the president of the LaGuardia School BoardCarmela Rojas, reaffirms the validity of the protest until the provision of school items is not met. Parents say they are tired of giving contributions for the payment of teachers’ salaries without items, assuming a responsibility that belongs to the State.

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