Neighborhood leaders oppose elections to be held in December

Neighborhood leaders oppose elections to be held in December

His opposition to the elections in the neighborhood councils of the Tacna district in December 2021, current directives expressed in a protest in the Provincial Municipality of Tacna.

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President (e) Delia Ticona stated that they have a resolution that indicates that their mandate is until 2022 and therefore it should be scheduled in that year and not in December as established in a regulation approved by the provincial commune.

They require more time to transfer

He stated that it is a very short time and documentation has to be submitted to the new directives and therefore more months should be given for it.

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First of all, he said that the current directives are going to present a statement to the commune and request a hearing with the manager of Economic and Social Development, Gilberto Hurtado, so that the date is rescheduled.

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