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Nearly 10,000 nurses were fired during the third wave, says Dean Vásquez

Nearly 10,000 nurses were fired during the third wave, says Dean Vásquez

The national dean of the College of Nurses of Peru (CEP), Josefa Vásquez, reported that during the third wave of an average of 10 thousand nurses and nurses were fired.

“More or less an average of 10 thousand nurses (were fired). During the pandemic, an average of 18,000 were hired. They are nurses, some from the Minsa and the vast majority from EsSalud, and their contract has ended because they were definitely hired as CAS but before the pandemic we already had a gap in human resources”, he specified in a dialogue with RPP Noticias.

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Today there is a gap, there is a lack of personnel to provide quality care, we believe that the personnel should be relocated to another service. It is not fair that the contract is terminated with the commitment that there will be vacancies so that they can apply, but until today EsSalud, which is the institution that has terminated the contracts, does not call for a contest “he pointed.

COVID-19: nearly 10,000 nurses were laid off during the third wave, says Dean Vásquez

Vásquez explained that the layoffs were due to the fact that in the third wave of the coronavirus, hospitalized cases were decreasing. “Although the cases they doubled, tripled in infected, but the symptoms were not so serious. Therefore, hospitalization was not required. As a consequence, we still live with it to this day. I would like to exhort the authorities that we nurses feel used, we have been in the front line, we continue to be, today nurses are opening the vaccination clinics from 4 am so that they can be vaccinated in 36 hours, However, seeing that the third wave was in decline, the cases have been dismissed.”

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On the other hand, the dean of the CEP referred to the censorship of the former Minister of Health, Hernán Condori, and indicated that the new change in the sector affects health because the processes “are paralyzed to a certain extent.”

It generates a bit of distrust that they are constantly changing the ministers. It is the right time for the president to analyze the situation in the country and see that health authorities not only have to be doctors. At the national level we are more than 100 thousand and we have male and female nurses who have shown good results. I think that being two thirds of the workers of a hospital and of the first, second and third level, I think it would be a historic moment that nurses are also given the opportunity, however, we are waiting for the decisions made by the president ”, commented.

Likewise, he announced that the new head of the Ministry of Health (Minsa) must be a professional with impeccable ethical conduct. “Have preparation, have the skills in public policies, in management and have experience. Let’s not forget that we cannot put people on experiments and that especially within their resume they have had experiences to be the first authorities of the Minsa “.


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