Navy rescued 292 people at sea in 2022

The Navy participated in 147 maritime search and rescue actions and rescued 292 people, from January to the beginning of August this year. The information was released this Tuesday (2), in the Marine News Agency.Navy rescued 292 people at sea in 2022Navy rescued 292 people at sea in 2022

The calls for help are almost daily. Data from Salvamar Brasil, the name by which the Navy’s Search and Rescue Service is known, point to a total of 1,277 incidents in the last three years, an average of one request per day.

Rescue operations are triggered by the most varied causes, from damage to vessels to health problems on board. Searches are launched to provide assistance at sea, in ports, rivers and lakes.

One of the cases that gained national repercussion recently was the rescue of the five crew members of the Bom Jesus vessel, after it sank due to a fire, while sailing from Santarém (PA) to the municipality of Chaves (PA). The castaways had already been on an island for 17 days when the Navy’s rescue team located them.

The Search and Rescue Service (known as SAR) search and rescue) is used throughout the world for any abnormal situation, on a vessel or aircraft or its occupants, that may trigger rescue operations.

In Brazil, the Maritime Search and Rescue Service activity is managed by the Navy and the Aeronautical Search and Rescue System is coordinated by the Brazilian Air Force (FAB). As necessary, mutual support is provided and the organizational structures rely on the assistance of various state and municipal agencies, such as the Fire Department and Civil Defense.

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