National Table DC affirms that the dismissal of the complaint against Fuad Chahin “does not prevent the party from continuing with all the pertinent legal actions”

The national table of the Christian Democracy (DC) issued a joint statement referring to the decision of the party’s helmsman, Felipe Delpin, to withdraw from the lawsuit that had been filed against the former helmsman, Fuad Chahin.

“The withdrawal of the complaint does not prevent the party from continuing with all the pertinent legal actions, to determine and punish all those who are responsible for the possible property damage that has been caused to the party, taking charge of what was ordered by the Servel and the Supreme Court in terms of carrying out the corresponding legal actions”, says the letter signed by Delpín; the general secretary of the party, Cecilia Valdés; in addition to all the vice presidents of the store.

Along these lines, they add that “in relation to what is indicated in the previous number, we specify that the search for criminal or civil liability, in what is observed by Servel, will be carried out for the sake of transparency and truth, concepts that must prevail in the correct administration of any institution, even more so when it is political, and is not due in any case to persecution for political positions in the plebiscite of this 09/04″.

Finally they made a call “beyond the junctures” to all the militants “to continue, without rest, in the high political tasks that the country demands of us and in which we are committed, to achieve the triumph of the APPROVAL, the plebiscite of the next 4 of September, which allows the country to equip itself with a Constitution that seeks the real materialization of SOCIAL JUSTICE, a historical aspiration of Christian Democracy”.

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