National parks reopen for citizens

National parks reopen for citizens

The Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development (MADES), through Resolution No. 333/2022, annulled Resolution 120/2020, which established the temporary closure of protected wild areas, given the situation generated by the Pandemic due to the Covid-19. With this decision, all national parks in the public domain are reopened for all citizens in general.

In this sense, it is recalled that for entry into the Ñacunday, Ybycuí and Cerro Corá National Parks, the collection of the following fees is enabled.

The amount of admission to the three National Parks will be the following:
-11 to 17 years: Gs. 5,000
-18 years and above: Gs. 20,000
-Entry of cars: Gs. 15,000
-Van income: Gs. 35,000
-Motorcycle income: Gs. 5,000
-Bus income: Gs. 60,000
-Camping per day: Gs. 20,000, among others, all of these subject to Resolution No. 418/19 within the framework of Law No. 5146/14.

All this considering that it is necessary to gradually comply with Resolution No. 418/19 in its art. 2°, which establishes the fees for receiving income from Protected Wilderness Areas under the Public Domain, that Law No. 5146/14 “Which grants administrative powers to the Ministry of the Environment (SEAM), in terms of collecting fees, canons and Fines” establishes in its art. 2° the power of the SEAM to collect fees for the provision of services and the performance of activities within the scope of its competence, under conditions provided by the Law of which it is the enforcement authority.

In addition, it is recalled that it is prohibited:
a) Kill, harm or scare wild animals, or destroy their dens, nests
b) Destroy, uproot or remove plants from the site.
c) Consume or sell alcoholic beverages, narcotics or other drugs of any kind, as well as enter the Area while intoxicated.
d) Entering the Area with warlike, flammable or explosive materials (revolver, shotgun, rifle, dagger, firecrackers, firecrackers, etc.)
e) Use sound elements (radios, musical instruments, etc.) that disturb the natural environment or other visitors.
f) Market any product or service, unless expressly authorized by the Administration.
g) Allowing domestic animals to enter or transit within the Area, without the authorization of the Administration.
h) Collect and/or extract any material, living or dead, without the corresponding permission from the Enforcement Authority of Law No. 352/94 on Protected Areas and 96/92 on Wildlife, as well as Law No. 799/96 of Fishing.
i) Discharge foreign substances or any type of waste (solid, liquid or gaseous known or foreign; toxic or not) to the ground, water or the environment and deposit them in places other than those indicated for this purpose.
j) Carry out recreational activities in places other than those indicated (camps, campfires, lunches, bathing sites, etc.).

Resolution No. 781/05 establishes the regulations for the public use of Wilderness Protected Areas under the public domain, which allows enjoying these spaces without damaging or harming the environment.
The same resolution indicates that those who fail to comply with the regulations will be sanctioned from 1 (one) to 5 (five) current minimum daily wages.

MADES reminds that National Parks are not and should not be used as spas. They are Conservation Areas, so they have a different management in terms of their recreational use and their care is urged.

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