Martín Vizcarra: chats and audios that reveal secret meetings with a former congressional candidate

Martín Vizcarra: chats and audios that reveal secret meetings with a former congressional candidate

Last Sunday, a Panorama report revealed that the former president He would have breached the rules of conduct imposed by the Judiciary when he attended an alleged secret meeting at the Monasterio del Cusco hotel with the former candidate for Congress for Somos Perú Zully Pinchi.

The Sunday detailed that Vizcarra Dogwood requested permission from the Judiciary to travel to Cusco in order to carry out activities of his political party Peru Primero since last February 24. In the request made to the justice, the former president argued that his presence was necessary, since the new bases of the organization were going to be sworn in.

The former president gave details to the Judiciary of the hours and days of the activities he carried out during his trip, but the program showed some alleged chats in which would have a compromising conversation with Zully Pinchi.

In this conversation, the affectionate words they use with each other are displayed, while Vizcarra gives him the number of the room where he was staying so that both can meet.

The chats also show that the former president asks Pinchi to appear at the Monasterio hotel as the girlfriend of Rudy Ramos, who, according to the judicial permit, accompanied Vizcarra in his capacity as head of the Peru party’s government plan. First.

Panorama verified that Zully Pinchi would have traveled to Cusco on February 26, for which he showed a ticket with the details of the flight. In addition to this, he assured that the former applicant to the Parliament confirmed that she did go to that region on the indicated date.

Martin Vizcarra responds

In an interview with RPP, on May 16, Martin Vizcarra asserted that the alleged revelations made by the Sunday newspaper would be part of a campaign to discredit him, after Congress disqualified him from public office.

This is part of a campaign to discredit me, they try to disqualify me, they begin to attack me through the media. There are seven rules of conduct that I must comply with for the Judiciary (…) I have asked about 15 times (to leave Lima), they have only authorized me three. That’s how jealous they are of me, instead Vladimir Cerrón has the same restrictions and walks around the country”, he stated.

Next, the former president claimed not to have met with Zully Pinchi “under the conditions they have stated“And he also ruled out having committed any infidelity during his trip to Cusco.

(Have you been unfaithful?) Not that, I completely rule it out. I have suffered such a media attack that at some point they even wanted to justify a relationship with Richard Swing“, Held.

Vizcarra: “The most important thing is my family”

This Wednesday, during a broadcast he made through his Facebook account, Vizcarra Dogwood He referred to the subject again and asserted that the most important thing in his life is his family, for which he ruled out separating from his wife.

I am not going to fall into the game of denying or confirming queries that refer to my field and the private sphere. I have a family that is what I love most in life. The most important thing in my life is my family”, he stated.

Family that I formed with Maribel, my wife, 30 years ago. The woman I love and the woman I want to live with until the last of my days”, he added.

At another time, the former candidate for Congress emphasized that he has always been in charge of keeping his family in a private sphere and has tried not to relate to political issues.

I have always been careful to keep the family space from the political space in reserve. My family does not exercise any political function and stays out of all this, consequently, family issues and private issues I will always keep them in that area, in the private”, indicated Martin Vizcarra.

Statements by Martin Vizcarra

They broadcast audios of Martín Vizcarra

On Friday, May 20, two days after the releases that Martín Vizcarra made on social networks, Willax broadcast some audios on the program “Beto a saber” where the former president is allegedly heard addressing Zully Pinchi.

“I’m sure you’re going to sleep and when you sleep I want you to think of me, to dream of me, to dream of everything we do and make it seem real. Just remember that I love you, I miss you and I want you by my side. A big kiss”is heard in one of the audios.

Audios of Martin Vizcarra
Martín Vizcarra would have sent these audios broadcast on Friday, May 20. (willax)

Until the closing of this note, none of the assumptions involved in these conversations confirmed the veracity of these recordings.


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