Construction industry has best February in ten years

National Civil Construction Index declines in August and reaches 0.58%

The National Index of Civil Construction (Sinapi) reached 0.58% in August, a decrease of 0.9 percentage points compared to the previous month, when it was 1.48%.National Civil Construction Index declines in August and reaches 0.58%

According to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), this was the second lowest index of the year, only above that of February. With the result of August, the index accumulated in the last twelve months reached 13.61%, slightly below the 14.07% registered in the immediately previous twelve months.

Also according to the IBGE, between January and August, the indicator accumulated 9.74%. In August last year, Sinapi was at 0.99%.

According to the manager of Sinapi, Augusto Oliveira, the slowdowns have been noticed in recent months. “In the last three months, we have observed a deceleration in both parts of the index: both on the materials side and on the labor side”, he said, adding that this movement was also registered in the index presented today.


The national cost of construction, per square meter, rose compared to July. In August it reached R$ 1,661.85. Of this amount, BRL 994.67 is related to materials and BRL 667.18 to labor. In July, the national cost was R$ 1,652.27. The share of materials registered a rate of 0.69%, which means a drop both in comparison with July (1.38%) and with August of last year (1.62%).

“The August rate represents the third lowest rate of 2022”, added the manager.

The workforce fell 1.2 percentage points in comparison with July (1.62%) and reached 0.42%.

“Comparing with August of the previous year (0.08%), there was a rise of 0.34 percentage point. From January to August 2022, the accumulated closed at 9.31% (materials) and 10.38% (labor). The accumulated in twelve months were 14.76% (materials) and 11.90% (labor)”, pointed out the indicator.


The North Region registered the greatest regional variation (1.43%) in August. The IBGE reported that the movement was a result of collective agreements signed in Rondônia and Amazonas.

The Northeast Region registered 0.22%, Southeast 0.49%, South 0.72%, and Central-West 1.08%.

The regional costs, per square meter, were R$ 1,645.35 in the North Region; R$ 1,549.97 in the Northeast; R$ 1,732.44 in the Southeast; R$1,729.30 in the South and R$1,676.13 in the Midwest.

With the increase in the share of materials and the readjustment of professional categories, Rondônia was the state with the highest monthly change (5.67%). Following was Amazonas (3.19%).


Sinapi is a joint production of IBGE and Caixa, with the objective of producing monthly series of costs and indices for the housing sector, as well as monthly series of median wages of labor and median prices of materials, machines and equipment. and construction services for the basic sanitation, infrastructure and housing sectors.

According to the IBGE, Sinapi’s statistics are fundamental in the planning of investments, especially for the public sector. “Prices and costs help in the preparation, analysis and evaluation of budgets, while the indices make it possible to update the amounts of expenses in contracts and budgets”.

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