Is Sunday over and it feels strange?  It's all about the Sunday blues

Is Sunday over and it feels strange? It’s all about the Sunday blues

Sundays are for many a ‘bucket of cold water’ that returns them to the routine, it even gives the impression that time passes more fast sundayin activities of leisure with family or friendswhich generates desolate feelings.

If you go to a doctor because of the anxiety caused by the afternoon of this strange day, there will be no solution that the doctor can prescribe, the only solution is for each person.

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This feeling of anxiety is called the Sunday blues, a term that has been adopted in the last decade and refers to the feeling of sadness that people experience on the last day of the weekend, especially in the afternoon, more or less around 3:58 p.m. In fact a survey made in 2018 on LinkedIn showed that 80% of adults suffer from Sunday depression.

What are the causes of this condition?

As mentioned above, the cessation of leisure activities is one of the causes, but also the anxiety of returning to work or study has to do with it. An American newspaper 30 years ago published an analysis on the subject, which referred to some explanations that arose such as the interruptions of the usual sleep cycles of people during the week taking into account people’s internal clock, caffeine withdrawal, hangovers or distaste for work/ study

Having problems with the boss, work overload, a lot of pressure in it or being afraid of being fired, are factors that influence people to suffer from Sunday depression.

Another section of the survey done on LinkedIn shows that there are some professions and generations more prone to “Sunday Scaries”: Generation Z 94%, Millennials 91% Generation X 72% Y Baby Boomers 69% and as for people with professions such as: Education, law and finance also suffer more from said depression.

Some advices

Fortunately, there are some tips that will help you lose your fear of Sundays. Do sport It can be a good option to distract the mind, watch movies spend time with your friends or family, it is important to plan the activities that will be done on the weekend in order to extend the feeling of it.

Another solution to avoid sunday slumpis not to leave the exciting outings only for the weekend, but to manage going out to the movies or participating in different activities can help. On the other hand, if the domestic “chores” are done on Sundays, a good help is to distribute the tasks during the week to break the Sunday routine and therefore the depression.

Precisely, Angélica Bernal, a psychologist with a master’s degree in bioethics of the Javeriana University, assured in RCN Radiothat “people who suffer sunday slump They are generally lonely, they are people who do not have a very strong family bond, so on Sunday they find themselves isolated a bit, doing something other than work, but isolated”.

Sunday depression is suffered, for example, by a professor, who spends his time working all week, it’s busy. But Sunday comes and he doesn’t have a strong partner or family bond, he’s very lonely and usually lonely people find Sunday’s theme hard because they tend to isolate themselves, to find themselves and to be alone, which makes them feel a little down. in front of mood of the situation.

The FM: what advice would you give to people who suffer from Sunday depression?

Bernal recommends “doing things that they like or that motivate them. A balance is necessary in the day and not only the routine, Also, if you leave Sunday alone to do something you like, it would be the only day you feel satisfied with life, but the same thing again on Monday, so you have to include activities that appeal to the person”.

“I want to clarify that this, more than a depression, is melancholy or Sunday bluesbecause depression is already a disease and has other types of connotations, it is something constant,” he concluded.

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