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National Assembly approves Law for Workers with Disabilities

National Assembly approves Law for Workers with Disabilities

The National Assembly (AN) approved in ordinary session this Tuesday, in second discussion, the Draft Law for Workers with Disabilities, whose objective is to support and guarantee social justice, inclusion, protection, defense and comprehensive care of the sector.

The president of the AN, Jorge Rodríguez, declared the rule sanctioned inasmuch as he ordered the text to be sent to the National Executive, for the purpose of its promulgation, in accordance with the provisions of article 213 of the Constitution.

“Congratulations to the Venezuelans who are carriers of some type of disability and who have been vindicated in their labor rights by the National Assembly of Venezuela,” said the president of the legislative body.

For her part, Deputy María Vargas thanked the approval of the aforementioned law, due to the fact that the defense of the labor rights of people with disabilities has been carried out only by the Bolivarian Revolution.

The purpose of the legal text is to continue complementing the tools of the State in the application of public policies aimed at decent, productive and liberating work for people with disabilities.

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