The deputy director of communications for the Navy, frigate captain Yulissa Cordones, gives details of the shipment of cocaine seized.

Narco does not stop occupying 409 kilos of cocaine

Another shipment of 409 kilos of cocaine was seized this morning by the National Drug Control Directorate (DNCD), the Dominican Navy and the Public Ministry during an air and sea operation in Santo Domingo Este, which lasted more than twelve hours, a Dominican and a Venezuelan being arrested.

While the five Dominicans and two Colombians were identified from whom the authorities yesterday seized 1,613 kilos of cocaine in two operations in the Peravia province, where, according to the DNCD, operates a strong structure of Dominican drug traffickers with international support. In two days the authorities have seized more than two tons of cocaine.

With the seizure of these 409 kilos of cocaine, there are eight cases of drug shipments seized in recent days by the DNCD, with the support of the Dominican Navy, intelligence and state security agencies and the Public Ministry.

Narco does not stop occupying 409 kilos of cocaine 12

The drug was seized from the Dominican and the Venezuelan who were on board a speedboat that was sighted several nautical miles southeast of Santo Domingo Este and according to the authorities the shipment was brought into the country from the Republic of Colombia.

Finding themselves trapped, the two men aboard a 23-foot-long “gofast” type boat, equipped with two 60-horsepower engines with 16 jugs of gasoline, tried to evade the units of the Dominican Navy, sailing out to sea

The subjects began to throw into the sea several sacks containing the 409 kilos of cocaine that were collected from the waters by members of the DNCD and the Dominican Navy, later managing to intercept the vessel several nautical miles from Santo Domingo Este.

In addition to the drug, the Dominican and the Venezuelan, the authorities seized a communication radio, a balaclava, three cell phones and other objects that are in the possession of the Public Ministry for the corresponding purposes.

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The cocaine cache was taken amid extreme security measures to the Institute of Forensic Sciences, while the two detainees, the authorities announced that they would request a coercive measure for drug trafficking from the Dominican Republic.

According to data provided by the DNCD, in the last fourteen days, that body with the support of the Dominican Navy, security agencies and the Public Ministry, have seized four thousand 358 kilos of cocaine from drug trafficking groups.

Bani case

While the authorities identified this Thursday the five Dominicans and the two Colombians whom they occupied in two operations in the Peravia province, the amount of 1,613 kilos of cocaine that they tried to introduce into the country from Colombia.

The prisoners, against whom a Bani court will hear coercive measures in the next few hours, are the Dominicans Wlimer Enmanuel Arias, Juan Daniel Pimentel, Geuri Feliz Gómez, Manuel Pérez and Antonio Feliz Gómez.

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