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Nacional is crowned in the Clausura and points to the Uruguayan Championship

Nacional is crowned in the Clausura and points to the Uruguayan Championship

10/18/2022 at 06:05


The Tricolor beat Cerrito 1-2 and is proclaimed champion in the absence of a day

Luis Suárez’s team secured first place in both the Annual Table and the Clausura

National defeated this Monday by 1-2 to descended small hill to be crowned in Closing tournament of Uruguayan football in the absence of a date for its completion and now aims to stay with the Uruguayan Championship. Franco Fagundez Y Philip Carballo They were in charge of sentencing the tricolor victory in which Luis Suárez played the 90 minutes and who added a new title with this shirt with which he aspires to add a third Uruguayan Championship title to his record.

It is that in the absence of a date to be disputed, Nacional not only secured first place in the Cumulative Annual Table -which classifies its winner to the championship final- but also took over the Closing Tournament. At this time, the Tricolor has 31 points, four more than River Plate and Deportivo Maldonado.

In that sense, Nacional, for being the Clausura champion, will face Liverpool in a semifinal, which won the Apertura Tournament in the first half of the year. Whoever wins that match will advance to the Uruguayan final. In case it is the National, champion will be consecrated without having to play that second instance.

In other matches of the day, Boston River defeated Montevideo City Torque 0-2 with a victory that allows them to remain level with Defensor Sporting in fourth place in the Annual Table in direct qualification for the Copa Libertadores. In addition, Wanderers defeated Plaza Colonia 2-1.

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