Naabol hires 90% of former Aasana employees

Naabol hires 90% of former Aasana employees

Yolanda Mamani Cayo / La Paz

90% of the former employees of the Airport Administration and Auxiliary Services to Air Navigation (Aasana) were hired by Bolivian Air Navigation and Airport Administration (Naabol), leader Néstor Villarroel informed Página Siete. This process is carried out without the support of the Central Obrera Boliviana (COB).

“We were approximately 720 (workers) and about 650 have already returned, so far. The only thing missing would be to see the issue of the administrative part of the workers, ”said the leader.

In the midst of a union conflict and surprisingly, on December 1, the Minister of Public Works, Edgar Montaño, reported that Aasana was liquidated through Supreme Decree 4630 and at the same time Naabol was created.

On December 2, Montaño assured that Aasana had supernumerary personnel, 55% were technical and 45% administrative, when 80% should be technical and 20% administrative.

While the former workers demanded the restitution of their sources of employment, the COB leader, Juan Carlos Huarachi, said that the most important thing was that the former workers receive their social benefits.

Yesterday, the leadership of the liquidated Aasana held a meeting with the Central Obrera Departamental (COD) of Santa Cruz in which it was determined to demand the executive of the COB, Juan Carlos Huarachi, to enforce all rights of workers.

“They are the right to work, the right to work continuity, the right to unionism, the right to the General Labor Law and the payment of all social benefits,” added Villarroel.

The leader of the COD Santa Cruz, Sósimo Paniagua, added that they also demand that Naabol workers be under the General Labor Law and not subject to Law 2027 of the Public Official Statute.

“The support for Aasana workers is unanimous and we demand that their rights be respected; we are never going to renounce the General Labor Law. At this point, we cannot go back and return to Law 2027, ”Paniagua told this report.

Along these lines, the union leader announced that the COB executive committee is being asked to urgently convene a national meeting to deal with this issue “and see the mechanisms of struggle and defense, because we workers cannot back down. For more than 54 years, Aasana’s colleagues have been under the General Labor Law ”.

Last night, the Government announced that the severance payments of all former Aasana employees had been met. According to the liquidator Luis Barroso, the State disbursed more than 180 million bolivianos for the payment of his settlement to 898 former workers.

“We are paying the settlement that includes eviction, overtime, seniority bonus, November salary and five years to those who correspond,” he said.

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