Ña Delo, historic leader of the Colorado Party, dies

Ña Delo, historic leader of the Colorado Party, dies

During the course of Sunday morning, the death of María del Rosario Riveros, known as “Ña Delo”, was confirmed. She stood out for her active participation in the Colorado Party and even presented her candidacy for the Senate for said movement.

The former Red leader of the Ricardo Brugada neighborhood (Chacarita) died in her sleep and it would be sudden death, according to Hugo Vera, a resident of La Chacarita, in conversation with 1020 AM. He himself regretted the death and affirmed that it represents a great loss for both the neighborhood and the Colorado Party.

“Ña Delo” is the mother of four children, she was president of section 14 located in that neighborhood. She was also a leader of the “Red Script” movement for which she ran for the Senate.

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