Feid, en Madrid.

"My school notebooks were from the Galactics"

pheid He says that he likes soccer a lot and since he is very bad at it, he plays a soccer player outside instead of inside the field. He has made a nickname for himself, Ferxxo, from his own nickname, Feid, and in December broke his knee on his motocross debut. When in 2002 he brought Galactic notebooks to school, he did not imagine imitating that way Ronaldo twenty years later.

Besides of Madridyour team is Medellin Independent, even though he can’t watch the games because of his pace of life. yes you could see how Colombia stayed out of world a few weeks ago and get disappointed with the idea of ​​not seeing your friends louis diaz either Quinterowith whom he maintains a relationship through social networks in qatar. In the absence of them and until he recovers Bernalwill continue to trust Rigobert Uran, higuita Y Daniel Martinez. Cycling is the other sport that makes you turn on the television.

Feid, with an Independiente de Medellín shirt.

Feid supporting the Colombian team in the quarterfinals of the 2014 World Cup.

Feid, in a cycling jersey.

Ferxxo also likes Benzema, of which he claims to be a very particular striker. The same thing happens to him, because not many artists play like him with preview of your tracks and leaks, a way to manage your music that you enjoy. Natural, to be enjoyed by his most loyal followers and, later, to reach Spotify. So it happened with If you knew, the song he is most proud of because he hadn’t planned to release it and had to add it to the end of his last album. That Inter Shibuya The Mafia which is full of songs that hurt, of those that generate nostalgia and transport you to a specific moment. When he was in love as a child he dedicated songs of Without flag his girlfriends and that is what he now wants to achieve. Of course, he does not tire of repeating that the Ferxxo is not dedicated to just anyone.

Cross Questionnaire

What is your idea of ​​perfect happiness?

When I can have time to do what I want. There are days when you don’t want to do anything.

What is your favorite word?

Nea. Nea is like saying parce, brother, bro… more from the neighborhood.

What do you want to be when you are old?

Let’s assume that I have tattoos, so I’ll be a good old man cool. Showing off my tattoos and telling stories to the grandchildren.

What wouldn’t you do for love?

I don’t know what I wouldn’t do. I would do everything, I am very amorous.

What is the last idea that has occurred to you?

Record a song with the melodies that I have recorded on the phone.

A song for a first date, for driving and for partying.

It is important that if I go out with someone I have good taste in music, so for a first date I choose Drop it like it’s hot by Snoop Dogg, to set the mood. To drive, Chimbita of the Ferxxo. And to party some Yankee, Your prince of Zion and Lennox.

10 minutes on the moon or a whole year traveling the world?

The moon ten minutes 100%. I would throw a preview on the moon.

What social network do you prefer?

I’m a heavy user and I use Instagram more, but I really like using TikTok.

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