Music company founded in Paraguay expands throughout Latin America

Music company founded in Paraguay expands throughout Latin America

Random Sounds, Inc. is a music distribution and digital services company founded in Paraguay in 2014, which reaffirms its commitment to independent music, strongly betting on an expansion process throughout the continent and beyond.

In September 2021 and after several years of work, Random Sounds received an angel investment, with which it began its operations in the United States to enlist its expansion project on a global scale and solidify the relationship it has with the main music platforms. in the world, such as Spotify, Apple, Meta (Facebook and Instagram), TikTok, Amazon, Deezer and 30 other companies.

Currently, the company already works with more than 100 clients between labels and artists, including catalogs from local labels such as 4K Music, Paraguay Music, Blue Music (Blue Caps), Encendé Studio, InOut Music, etc, and independent artists such as Talento de Barrio, Anna Chase, LaNuestra, Ivan Zavala and El Culto Casero, among hundreds of others.


Regionally, it has closed distribution agreements with artists such as Papu DJ, from Argentina; Braulio Fogón, Yuriel and El Cherry Scom, from the Dominican Republic; Playero, from Puerto Rico; FF from Norway (former bass player of Mon Laferte); Diego Alonso from Chile; and, the electronic music label All We Need Is Music, from Peru.

Mark Meyer, founder and CEO of the company, commented that the establishment of the company in the United States was a fundamental step to strengthen the contracts they have with their US partners and, among other things, allowed them to sign a direct contract with Amazon.

“The digital music business has been constantly growing since the company was founded in 2014. It is no longer news that digital platforms are the main income of recorded music worldwide and that will only continue to increase with the adoption of new technologies,” he said.


Also, Germán Lesme, co-founder and partner of Random Sounds, joined the team with the mission of expanding the company’s market and providing more value to customers. With almost 15 years of experience in the music and entertainment industry, and fans of technology, they knew that much more could be done in the universe of digital distribution.

“Today, Random Sounds is more than a distributor, we are generating value for artists, record labels and music offices from its releases, marketing campaigns, verifications, strategy, relationships with platforms, etc., creating, together with them, value for your launches and your career, with the best tools and a specialized human team. We will continue to develop world-class services for the Hispanic American industry, hand in hand with our partners such as Spotify, Meta, Amazon, Deezer and Apple”, he added.

Random Sounds has a catalog of more than 100 artists in 47 countries in America, Europe, Africa and Asia. The company is looking for suppliers and collaborators in 14 countries to enhance the services offered to artists and record labels.

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