Mayor of Arequipa justifies use of Serenazgo patrol car by municipal manager

Mayor of Arequipa justifies use of Serenazgo patrol car by municipal manager

Despite all the criticism, the provincial mayor Omar Candia justified yesterday he of the Provincial Municipality of Arequipa (MPA) by its gChief of Citizen Security, Diego Chirinos, who was intervened by Anti-corruption police.

“As a result of the pandemic, the Management units were going to be led by serenazgo personnel. The resolution is in force. “ the authority said yesterday.


Councilman Jorge Condori and municipal law attorney Jorge Sumari agreed that the Mayor’s resolution can no longer be applied at this stage of the pandemicsince mobility restrictions were eliminated by the central government.

“First you should show said resolution if it exists, then, if it is the case, you should cancel it. It would be entering into an irregularity ”, the councilor said.

Sumari explained that the mayor does have the power to order the use contrary to the purpose of a municipal asset, but only exceptionally.We are no longer in the 2020 pandemic, it should not be applied today ”, Indian.

Mail looked for the resolution on the website of the municipality, but it does not appear. There is decree 12-2020, which until August 31 gave generic facilities to Citizen Security and other areas in order for them to operate in the context of the pandemic.

  • The Prosecutor’s Office investigates the manager for 60 days, even so, Omar Candia ruled out removing him, since he says he has the support of neighborhood associations.
  • 7 areas had facilities in the context of a pandemic, according to the mayor’s decree.

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