Murillo overflows with praise for CABEI after securing more financing for his regime

Murillo overflows with praise for CABEI after securing more financing for his regime

Nicaraguan Vice President Rosario Murillo was overflowing with praise for the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI). The praise comes a day after Daniel Ortega met with the president of the bank, Dante Mossi. The government spokesperson was present at the meeting.

CABEI ratified once again its commitment to continue financially oxygenating the Ortega-Murillo administration, despite the fact that the international community has rejected the repressive actions directed by the Executive, accused of committing crimes against humanity.

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“We all work, we think to follow up on the very important programs of that Bank (…) which is a bank for life; pending health programs. Financing hospitals, financing roads », he said.

«Accompanying in moments of calamity; strengthening programs to assist families in the face of disasters. claims. Let us remember the hurricane recently, very recently —in November 2020—”, stressed the spokeswoman for the Ortega regime.

Dictator Daniel Ortega together with Dante Mossi, president of CABEI. Taken from The 19 Digital

Daniel Ortega’s wife insisted that CABEI is an entity that has worked at the service of families throughout the region, “uniting us to be more effective, more efficient in the fight against poverty.”

Regarding the inauguration of the CABEI building in Managua, the deputy dictator said that the inaugural act will be this Wednesday afternoon. “That beautiful building that has been built and of which we are proud will be inaugurated (…) to have a bank at the service of families and the fight against poverty and prosper for the unity, development and peace of Central America.”

Mossi grateful to Ortega for the roses he sent him when he was sick

In an unusual gesture, if the objective of the meeting between Ortega and Mossi is taken into account, the president of CABEI began his speech on March 15 by thanking the couple of dictators from Nicaragua for having sent him a bouquet of yellow flowers when He was sick two years ago.

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“President and Madam Vice President, it is an honor to be back in your country. From the moment you enter you feel the warm welcome. First of all I want to reiterate my thanks, because I have a memory that during my illness two years ago I received a bouquet of flowers that you sent, it was the only thing I had besides the medical team, “she said.

“Thank you very much for that generosity in the most difficult times,” stressed the businessman and said he was very happy because with the sanctioned Iván Acosta they are working together for the construction of the building in Managua.

In addition, he was full of praise for the management of the regime with the funds provided by CABEI, for which, in his opinion, “Nicaragua has the largest and best structured program in all of Central America.”

“Things are running well, the hospitals are first world, I think the Nicaraguan people must feel very pleased with the quality of hospitals, he also reiterated the issue of health, we are very interested in continuing to work on water and sanitation, I think that water is life and sanitation is dignity and obviously it reduces poverty in Nicaragua,” said CABEI’s president.

Murillo overflows with praise for CABEI after securing more financing for his regime
Murillo is overflowing with praise for CABEI, after securing more financing for his regime. Photo: Article 66 / Channel 4

Mossi stressed that this good management by the dictatorship will allow the banking institution to continue disbursing more funds for the execution of new projects and to complete those that remain pending, and he announced that the banking entity is about to create the “regional debt market” which will allow Nicaragua to be financed from the Central American market.

Until now, CABEI is one of the few financial entities that remains active in oxygenating the Ortega dictatorship despite the criticism and rejection it has received from the population. Since the brutal repression carried out by Ortega in 2018, most multilaterals have reduced the funds given to Ortega.

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