Murillo calls opponents “snakes, mercenaries and murderers” during the act of July 19

During the central act for the 44th anniversary of the Sandinista Popular Revolution, on the night of Wednesday, July 19, the Vice President of Nicaragua, Rosario Murillo, used her intervention to attack the Nicaraguan opposition.

He also used his monologue to allude to independent journalists, describing them as an “absurd chorus of snakes, treacherous vipers, fabricators of lies, denigrating for hire, fools and deceivers.”

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Forgetting her speech of love, Christianity, and brotherhood, the vice president described opponents, journalists, and human rights defenders as “subservient professionals, hit men, mercenaries, and murderers who crawl to serve their masters.”

“How to understand those who in shameless and diabolical pestilences close themselves to the cosmos, to the coexistence of all vibrations, of all energies, of all colors and vigor that make up strength and splendor (…)”, questioned the first lady.

He also stated that “the traitors of the homeland are rotting in the dustbin of history”, in reference to the opponents and political exiles who have organized in different countries to demand justice.

“Rosario Murillo does not tolerate the truth”

Following these attacks, a Nicaraguan journalist told, on condition of anonymity, to Article 66 that these hate speeches are nothing new, because “Rosario Murillo does not tolerate the truth and unfortunately for her, journalists dedicate ourselves to telling truths, telling facts, and that, no dictator likes to expose all the corruption and human rights violations that continue to be committed in Nicaragua.”

He also affirmed that Murillo’s hateful statements are due to the fact that journalists continue to report sensitive issues for the dictatorship, as is the case of Monsignor Álvarez. “Let us remember that with the release and after the exile of 222 former political prisoners, Ortega freed himself from pressure, but Monsignor Álvarez continues to be a stone in his shoes.”

Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo railed against the opposition and the international community, during the act of July 19.  Photo: Article 66 / Government
Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo railed against the opposition and the international community, during the act of July 19. Photo: Article 66 / Government

“Rosario Murillo has always been characterized by being violent in her speeches, and we already experienced that firsthand in 2018, when she began to say everything, not only to journalists but to society in general,” he remarked.

For his part, the former politician Felix Maradiaga express that in response to “those hate attacks and lies, we must stand firm in our principles of democracy and freedom.”

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«She —Rosario Murillo— speaks with the lie and we —the opponents— with the truth. Truth and authenticity are powerful weapons against hypocrisy and lies,” added the political exile.

After the civic rebellion of 2018, the hate speech of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo has been greater every day, ranting against the Catholic Church, the international community, opponents, human rights defenders and independent journalism. Furthermore, it refuses to release more than 60 political prisoners.

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