Cabello: the people must prepare to defeat fascism

Cabello: the people must prepare to defeat fascism

This Thursday the first vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Diosdado Cabello, called on the Venezuelan people to be prepared to confront fascism with arguments and defeat it on whatever terrain.

During a mobilization in the Zamora municipality, in Guatire, Miranda state, the national leader rejected those who called for invasions and blockades in Venezuela and described Chavismo as violent.

“Fascism calls us violent now, for them the revolutionaries and revolutionaries are violent; but those who called for invasions, who burned people alive, who supported coups d’état and tried to assassinate President Nicolás Maduro are not violent, ”he assured.

In the same way, he affirmed that the Bolivarian Revolution represents a danger for the right because, “the political model of Bolivarian Socialism that our commander Chávez said calls for inclusion, for the recognition of men and women in the front row. If there had not been a blockade or sanctions here, all the houses would have been built”.

The also deputy to the National Assembly called on the revolutionaries to remain in permanent battle, especially in the face of a new electoral process.

“Brothers and sisters, I invite you to keep us in battle, let no one faint, I invite you to continue fighting, to accompany President Nicolás Maduro, who has not had it easy at all, to call all those who are dissatisfied and add those who we have to add to achieve a great victory in the year 2024 or when the CNE says.”


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