Murga Curtidores de Hongos removed one of its members for a complaint of gender violence

The murga Curtidores de Hongos separated “by mutual agreement” from one of its members after they were told on social networks about a complaint of gender-based violence against him, The group said in a statement on Sunday.

After contacting the victim and making himself available, the members of the murga had instances of “collective feed”indicates the statement, together with the member involved, with whom he finally his separation from the group was agreed “indefinitely”.

According to the murga, the person involved “has decided to start a therapeutic process which we commit ourselves to support and accompany”.

Curtidores de Hongos has already participated in the first round of the Official Carnival Contest with its show “Joy goes through neighborhoods”. It has 17 components, and only one woman, Alejandra Díaz.

The Observer Contact was made with the director of the murga, Daniel Carluccio, and with members of Curtidores, but none wanted to make any statements.

New case of violence

This is a new case of gender-based violence linked to carnival, a problem highlighted by the movement known as “Carnival Men”, who was born in 2020, and has published Dozens of complaints of violence against women. An ex officio investigation carried out by the Prosecutor’s Office due to the publications of this group on their Instagram led to the identification of more than 100 victims of violence.

This movement, in addition to prosecuting several legal complaints against participants in the cultural event, also led to changes in its regulations: as of this year, the directors of the carnival ensembles must attend a mandatory gender workshop, and they have to present a certificate of non-registration in the registry of rapists and sexual abusers.

The monitoring teams also have the task of supervise compliance with the protocol for the prevention of situations of violenceand the Management of Celebrations and Shows may sanction ex officio those who commit serious offenses in the Protocol for the prevention of situations of violence.

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