Municipality calls for citizen 'co-responsibility'

Municipality calls for citizen ‘co-responsibility’

The activities for the 487 years of the Spanish foundation of the city are maintained. A group requests its suspension.

The Municipality asked the citizens “Discipline and care of biosafety protocols”. In a statement dated December 4, 2021, the Cabildo indicated that it deployed metropolitan agents and police to control the activities planned by Quito festivals.

“We reiterate the request to the public so that these festivities are lived with discipline and care of the biosafety protocols (use of a mask, distancing and hand disinfection); as well as, the obtaining of pertinent permits to avoid any alteration to the public order.

That is why he called for “co-responsibility”. This statement was issued after crowds, fights for alcohol and other problems that were generated in the vicinity of the Tribune Of The Shyris, in the north of Quito, as part of the celebrations for the capital’s festivities.

The municipal statement indicates that they are deployed 120 servants of the Metropolitan Control Agency, 700 traffic officers and 3,100 policemen nationals to maintain “order and respect for regulations.”

Due to the inconveniences generated in the north of the capital, a committee of citizens of the Republic of El Salvador, a place near the Tribune, requested the Municipality to suspend the festivities. In a letter, the group indicates that they have witnessed “destruction of private property, vehicles” and physical and verbal attacks on neighbors. The activities for the celebrations for this weekend are maintained.

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