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The new requirement, in relation to the one that is currently established, is that the complete and updated scheme will be required from travelers from the age of 12, whether they are nationals, foreigners and foreign residents in the country.

From this May 28, new health requirements apply for entry into the national territory.

It is considered a complete and updated scheme, if it has:

* 3 doses (2 doses and 1 booster)

* 2 doses, with less than 6 months of application of the second dose.

* For single-dose primary scheme vaccines, less than 3 months from its application.

* For single-dose primary schedule vaccines, you must have 1 booster if 3 months or more have elapsed since the application of the first dose.

The vaccination certificate must be in English, French, Portuguese or Spanish, and contain the following information:

*Name of the passenger

*Date of birth

*Document number or passport

*Identification of the vaccine manufacturer

*Lot number of applied doses

*Dose application date

In this sense, the Ministry of Health recommends the administration of booster doses of the vaccine against COVID-19.

Travelers who do not have a complete and updated vaccination certificate

• SARS-CoV-2 test

Travelers over 12 years of age must present a test (RNA detection techniques: RT-PCR / LAMP / NAAT) with a negative result, carried out no later than 72 hours after boarding.

• People who already had the disease

Travelers from the age of 12 who have suffered from COVID-19 from 10 to 90 days prior to entering the country must prove this situation through laboratory results, RNA detection techniques: RT-PCR / LAMP / NAAT or positive antigen.

Neighborhood and commercial land traffic of up to 72 hours (up to 30 km)

Requirements to enter the country:

*All people who enter with the neighborhood transit regime must prove that they reside in the border city.

*There is no health requirement for admission.

Scope of responsibility

1- Control of health requirements upon entry into the country:

It will be in charge of the health control personnel of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare and the personnel of the General Directorate of Migration, who will demand compliance with the health requirements described in this document.

2- Responsibility of airlines and international passenger land transport companies:

a. Provide all the necessary information to the passenger, on the requirements demanded by the Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare of Paraguay.

b. Airlines and ground transportation companies, at the time of check-in or boarding, must ask travelers for the aforementioned health requirements.

c. Airline companies or ground transportation companies are responsible for denying boarding to passengers who do not meet the requirements for entering the country.

The non-observance of the requirements established in this protocol by travelers, as well as by air and land transport companies, will be subject to sanctions contemplated in Law No. 836/1980 of the Sanitary Code and in the other current legal provisions. .

The document can be downloaded at this link.

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