Mujica warns of a “dead end horizon” in the military confrontation between Russia and Ukraine

Photo: LARED21.
Photo: LARED21.

Mujica gave an interview to Sputnik, in which he referred to the war conflict between Russia and Ukraine, to Latin America and defined the Uruguayan government as a “slave” of his way of thinking, because it exclusively points to the politics of the spill and the who end up benefiting are the “golden mesh” and not the most needy.

The former president was consulted about the confrontation in Ukraine. In this sense, he replied that “it is an unfortunate crisis that speaks of a conflict that has very old roots. The Cold War ended badly. There was no vision, fundamentally of Europe, that was profound and intelligent enough if we stick to what some other statesmen thought, because the ‘Warsaw Pact’ disappeared, the presence of NATO made little sense in the form it was acquiring”.

He remarked that the peace in Europe “must have also contemplated Russia, which remained as an outstanding debt or as a dark flirtation of powers.”

He added that a disintegration was maintained with the presence of NATO and “later on the conflict arose on the Ukraine border, which is old, which has been going on for about 15 years, we must remember the Minsk Peace Agreement, a whole set of things that were not fulfilled, and geopolitically we must also see that the constant presence of NATO on the border with Russia was not encouraging at all for peace”.

“None of that was known to be negotiated, a true spirit of negotiation did not emerge until it disastrously led to war,” Mujica explained to Sputnik.

war of attrition

He added: “From the Russian side, surely an invasion of those republics was expected, from one side and the other, it went down the worst path, which is that of war in which we are facing a horizon that apparently was not known. He sees a way out and the worst thing is that it seems that they want to rehearse a long war of attrition, playing with the danger of the attrition of a nuclear power, which speaks of the irresponsibility that exists in the political leadership of the great contemporary powers”.

Mujica explained that they want to lead a “long war of attrition, seeking a change in Russia or something like that, but it is played with enormous danger, I do not think it is healthy to corner a power like Russia.”

When asked about the role of the United States and the European Union, the former president said that “it is of a flatness that hurts.”

“There is responsibility here on the Russian side and on the Western side. They didn’t think a ‘fuck’ about the consequences it has in the world. Europe has a brutal responsibility, because it continues to place itself under the wing of the US”, remarked the former Uruguayan head of state.

Regarding the sanctions against Russia and the lack of food in the world, he stated that of the wheat that is exported, “approximately 8% is from Ukraine and 20% is what Russia exported.”

“I am talking about what is exported, not what is produced. If the Ukrainian ports are blocked, to a large extent the Russian Black Sea ports, which are essential for the traffic of Russian wheat to North Africa, are also blocked, because the insurance does not cover it, because it cannot be done in many ports. the use of unloading technology, in such a way that there was not even an attempt to negotiate so that the two ports, the Ukrainian and the Russian, are unblocked”, he explained.

The former president indicated that this situation “shakes the most needy peoples, the peoples of Africa and the Middle East who need wheat, which is the basic food for bread and noodles.”

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