Mujica: The government is scared and does not want to raise fuel so that people do not vote against the LUC

Mujica: The government is scared and does not want to raise fuel so that people do not vote against the LUC


In his radio space of M24, Mujica referred to the recent decision of the government to maintain the price of fuels, despite the report of the Regulatory Unit of Energy and Water Services (URSEA) that recommended different percentages of increases for gasoline, diesel and supergas.

Mujica wondered “how is it possible that UTE can sell so much electrical energy to Brazil, which will probably be at the 400 million dollar billing for this concept by the end of the year?

He recalled that this is possible, “but they do not say it,” due to the set of policies applied by the Broad Front governments.

In this sense, the former president remarked that it was the FA governments that promoted wind generation and the creation of the largest power plant in Uruguay, such as the Punta del Tigre Combined Cycle Power Plant, conceived to operate both on gas or liquid fuel.

The former president also remarked that it was the FA that laid the high voltage lines and reconversion systems to export or import. “All this was inherited by this government.”

“On the rebound, UTE is consuming a lot of fuel that it buys from ANCAP, which in this way has benefited to such an extent that it has accumulated a profit, with the extra sale of fuel for the generation of electricity that is sold to Brazil. at a good price ”, he remarked.

He also said that today, due to international oil prices and according to the Urgent Consideration Law, the price of fuels would have to rise again, but the formidable sale of electricity that is being billed to Brazil determines that, for now, fuels do not go up. “But fuels do not rise, not because the government is generous, but because it is a little scared and does not want to create conditions with a fuel increase that fuels people too much regarding the vote for the Yes or No of the LUC ”.

You rise above inflation

Mujica also questioned the government because in the electoral campaign it said that fuel would be lowered and that the calculations would be more transparent.

“The truth is that from a practical point of view, everything that crystallizes the price of fuel has already existed in the country for a long time,” he questioned, adding that as transparent as they wanted to do it, they obscured it.

The former president said that in 2020, ANCAP collected 2,400 million dollars, while in IMESI and VAT 1,188 million dollars went away, almost 50% of ANCAP’s collection is, in fact, taxes, “he said.

The truth is that, since this government is in place, the only thing that has been done is three successive increases in the price of fuel. Between August 2020 and August 2021 the price of gasoline rose 29%, diesel increased 25% and the kilo of supergas went from 9 pesos to 20 pesos; all these increases are above inflation and the rise in wages ”.

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