Muiños met with students from a taken over school and said that "they are having a bad time"

Muiños met with students from a taken over school and said that "they are having a bad time"

Maria Rosa Muiños, Ombudsman of the City of Buenos Aires.

The Ombudsman of the City of Buenos Aires, María Rosa Muiños, met with students from the “Lengüitas” school in the Palermo neighborhood to learn about her situation after the occupation of the establishment and he said that the students “are having a hard time because they are cold, hungry, afraid and nervous and here someone has to be reasonable and mediate.”

Regarding the meeting with the students, I point out that They conveyed “their tiredness and concern, their fear after the events (of aggression) that had to happen last night and today when an egg was thrown at them in the central courtyard.”

“They are going to continue voting to see how they are going to continue with this measure, if they are going to continue with the takeover, if they are going to continue with a state of permanent assembly, if they are going to have some type of recess, given that they know that theThe minister (Soledad Acuña) has already communicated that she will not receive them until they lift the force measure”he claimed.

He said that “everyone asks for dialogue and everyone sets conditions for that dialogue. (Horacio) Rodriguez Larreta already said that he is willing to dialogue with all the schools that lift the and that until they lift the siege they are not going to sit down to talk.”

In relation to role of the Ombudsman in the conflict indicated: “I came from talking with the boys and I was also with the rector and the vice-rector and with some parents. I asked the minister to come yesterday when schools, families, students, student centers came, but she did not attend .”

He assured that the greatest concern of students “It has to do with the professional practices in the sense that are mandatory and not electives and nor were agreed with the educational community”.

The defender recounted the case of boys who attended the Marriott Hotel for two weeks and said that they were supposed “to do bilingual practice and they were sent to do maid tasks and to do those tasks that are of service they missed those days of class” .

“They were not accompanied by teachers or by any type of authority, they are minors who were alone in the Marriott hotel doing a different task than the one originally said by Acap, as they call these practices,” he said.

He explained that during the internship at the hotel “the girls were harassed and were not accompanied by any adultas they told previous days”.

“They made the complaint, they reported to their school and then to supervision, they finally arrived at the ministry and they had no response. The internships were suspended,” he said.

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