Mtess awards questionable company

Mtess awards questionable company

The security company Paraguay Security SA recently won two new tenders. The first was on December 9, with the call 401,459 for which 96 security guards will be provided to the Ministry of Labor (Mtess). As for offers, it was the second, of the three applicants, to present the highest amount. The amount of the contract is G. 2,160 million and will last 16 months.

The second was on December 14, he won the so-called 393,491 for which he will lend 26 guards to the National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel). In terms of offers, in this case, it was the one that proposed the least amount of the five applicants. The amount of the contract is for G. 1,899 million (US$ 273 thousand) and will last one year.

Carlos Molinas, general secretary of the Authentic National Union of Private Guards (Sinagupap), reported that the firm has several complaints against him. Even contracts lost due to irregularities.

“We are not oblivious to companies winning bids. They can win 10 or 20 lots, what we ensure is that they comply with the bidding terms and conditions (PBC)”, he stated.

In March 2021, Paraguay Security SA lost the contract for the headquarters of the National Professional Promotion Service (SNPP). The bond was for G. 3,500 million for a total of 100 guards. The duration of the agreement was for one year.

The National Directorate of Public Procurement (DNCP), decided to annul the contract because one of the owners of the firm; Olga Bykov de Jure, did not present her affidavit of assets, a requirement established in the PBC.

Sinagupap celebrated this decision at the time, because the firm offered poor working conditions for its guards. One of the questions was about salary. Each worker only received the minimum wage (G. 2.3 million per month). However, the PBC established that they should charge G. 3.2 million, due to the high workload (12 hours per day) with the extenuating circumstance that it is carried out at night.

Also last year, the company was awarded lot two by the Social Security Institute (IPS) but quickly lost the contract due to several inconsistencies in the documentation presented.

Recently, the firm was in the news again. This after not paying the bonus to the guards who provide services at the Encarnación headquarters of the SNPP. It is about 50 guards who were affected by this situation.

Because the situation became public and Addis Merlo, head of the SNPP, mediated with the signing, the bonus was paid in the first week of January. Despite the fact that the law establishes that the deadline to do so is December 31, and that, in case of non-compliance, the company must pay fines of up to G. 3 million for each injured worker.

The company previously sold inputs to the National Cement Industry (INC). Therefore, only since 2020 has it been observed that it offers the private security service to the State.

“We have the information that they have the very strong support of the Government itself, therefore, they win so many calls despite the irregularities they are involved in,” Molinas said.

According to data from Sintraspap, it would be the businessman Fabrizio Martínez, a shareholder of the company since 2019. He himself would be part of the circle of friends of Maira Abdo, sister of the President of the Republic.

Carlos Molinas, general secretary of the Authentic National Union of Private Guards (Sinagupap).

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