Movistar raises Internet rates: will cable TV prices also rise in other operators?

Movistar raises Internet rates: will cable TV prices also rise in other operators?

Following Osiptel’s announcement that as of April 1 would raise its rates for fixed Internet service and packages such as duos and trios, the question arises as to whether other companies in this same category could raise the costs of cable TV service.

It is worth mentioning that the main operating companies that offer this service in the country are Claro, Movistar and DirecTV.

From the Claro company, they point out that despite the rate increases that have occurred in other operators since the end of last year, they have maintained their service prices. “We hope that the market continues to favor us and the economy does not suffer a slowdown that forces us to also modify our rates”the company stated.

The DirecTV company, for its part, stated that “at this time it does not plan an increase for the customer.” In addition, that throughout the pandemic the cost of its services has not increased.

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On the other hand, although the costs of telecommunications services in Peru, be it telephony, Internet or pay television, have been changing in recent years, but not only in prices, but also in the characteristics and benefits that are offered. offer.

In the specific case of cable television, you can now find different packages, where the number of channels offered by the company varies. The rate may even vary according to how many HD and premium channels the package includes.

How much does cable TV service cost?

Of course offers two affordable plans for its customers: basic satellite TV and basic digital TV. The first one costs S/ 89 per month at the regular price and includes 41 HD channels + 59 SD channels + 23 audio channels + 1 HD deco. The second costs S/ 99 and includes 16 channels in HD + 113 in SD + 1 deco in HD.

However, the company also has “superior” packages with higher benefits. The Superior Satellite TV plan costs S/ 159 per month at the regular price and includes 67 channels in HD + 67 in SD + 23 audio channels + 1 deco in HD, HBO and Fox Premium package. On the other hand, the Superior Digital TV plan is priced at S/ 170 and includes 81 channels in HD + 140 in SD + 50 audio + 1 HD deco and HBO package.

The company Movistar For its part, it offers a cable television plan: “Solo TV Movistar”. This has a fee of S/ 112.90 per month plus an installation cost of S/ 120.

The service includes 107 channels + 16 HD channels + 2 HD decos.

In addition to this, the client has access to the Movistar TV App and the benefit of being able to pause, move forward and rewind a series or movie from any device.

DirecTV It is another of the companies that has monthly plans and some with certain exclusive benefits. The “Silver + HD” plan costs S/79 per month for 4 months and includes 88 SD channels +66 HD +2 decos + free DirecTV GO access.

But, if the customer wants a much more complete service with more benefits, the company offers the “Gold + HD 4k” plan, which has a monthly rate of S/ 85 for 5 months. This service has 116 channels in SD + 62 HD channels + 1 channel in 4K resolution + 1 deco 4K DVR + 1 Deco HD + PPV channels available + free DirecTV GO access.

It is worth mentioning that in the case of DirecTV, the rates mentioned are valid promotions only for online purchases.

How much do TV plus Internet packages cost?

Claro has a basic Internet plan plus cable service at S/ 125. This includes a network speed of 30Mbps and 16 channels in HD + 113 in SD + 1 Deco HD.

But if the customer wants a higher Internet speed, there is also the “2 Play 100Mbps” plan which has a regular price of S/ 165. This service offers a download speed of 100Mbps and 62 channels in HD + 113 SD + 50 audio + 1 Deco HD.

On the other hand, Movistar also has duo packages, with prices from S/ 130 per month. This package includes an Internet speed of 25Mbps and 107 SD channels + 16 HD channels + 1 HD deco + access to Movistar TV App.

The company also has the 100Mbps service, which has a regular price of S/ 177 per month. This includes an Internet speed of 100Mbps + 107 SD channels + 63 HD + 2 HD decos + access to Movistar TV App and the installation cost is free.


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