Movistar assures that there is a "monopoly regime" and requests access to Antel infrastructures

Movistar assures that there is a “monopoly regime” and requests access to Antel infrastructures

Photo: Google Maps / Gabriel Fernandez
Photo: Google Maps / Gabriel Fernandez

The company Telefónica Movistar issued a statement on Wednesday in which they assert that there are “de facto monopolistic practices” regarding the telecommunications market in Uruguay, alluding to the state-owned company Antel, affirming that certain actions turn “the public operator into the almost exclusive supplier of the State”.

As published Search In its edition this Thursday, February 10, the executive president and general manager of Telefónica Movistar in Uruguay, José Luis Aiello, believes that “there is a diversity of conditions that limit competition when a company has a monopoly on certain services in which it develops assets, which it then uses to compete with other companies in other services”.

The executive stated that number portability is “beneficial” for the entire market, both for customers and companies, but added that “what is necessary for this virtuous circle to work is for number portability to operate in a framework of healthy competition. ”.

In the statement, the Spanish capital company adds that there is a lack of “neutrality” to achieve a healthy competitive market, and that this should be resolved before thinking about installing base stations. “There are other aspects that require a complete reformulation prior to the deployment of 5G technology: for example, benefits for the state operator when it comes to accessing the radio spectrum or the impossibility of other operators to access essential infrastructure, which only the state operator had. the opportunity to develop.

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