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Motorina explosion causes partial fire in Havana home

MADRID, Spain.- In the early hours of this Wednesday, the explosion of an electric motorcycle caused a fire in a house on Pocito street between Diez de Octubre and Delicia streets, in the Lawton neighborhood of Havana.

As explained to the media Cuban Time a neighbor of the damaged property, two motorcycles were kept in the house, one combustion and another electric that had a bad battery, which caused the explosion and partial fire in the property.

The lady also recounted that the fire truck that came to the scene was a small truck and in the middle of the fire they had to call and wait for another truck to arrive to put out the fire.

In pictures posted by Cuban Time You can see the state in which a space in the house was left, which seems to be the living room.

During the last two years, numerous fires caused by electric motorcycles that are kept in homes have been registered on the Island.

At the beginning of the current month it transpired that a family residing in Alamar lost their belongings due to a similar fire.

The fact was made known to the journalist Alberto Arego by David Jiménez, a citizen close to the family.

“This happened to a close friend of mine in the Alamar area, yesterday at 6:00 am. Put it so that people do not leave them (electric motorcycles) inside the house. They are a ticking time bomb,” Jiménez said.

The motorinas have become one of the most used means of transport in recent years in Cuba. The shortage of fuel and the deterioration of public transport services have forced many Cubans to resort to this type of vehicle. But its improper use makes this type of fire frequent.

To avoid these accidents, experts recommend make a full charge and discharge cycle every one or two months; avoid removing the Battery Management System (BMS); use only chargers specified by manufacturers; do not leave the motorcycle plugged in for long periods after reaching 100% charge; and do not expose the battery to high temperatures and always protect the vehicle when it is parked.

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