Motion of censure against the Government will vote in North Macedonia

The president of the Assembly of the Republic, Talat Xhaferi, pointed out this Monday that the motion proceeds because Zaev announced his resignation, after the defeat of his party, the Macedonian Social Democratic Union in the elections of last October 31, but not yet formally presented it to the parliamentarians.

Xhaferi specified that the initiative, promoted by the deputy Aleksandar Nikolovski, of the Democratic Party for National Unity of Macedonia, has already received the support of the legislators of that political force, as well as the Besa Movement, the Democratic Alternative, the Left and the Alliance for the Albanians.

In the opinion of analysts, the delay of the prime minister in consummating his resignation is due to the fact that he hopes to prevent the holding of early elections to delegate his functions to a member of his party, which is rejected by opponents, who believe they have the support necessary to form a new government.

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