Dictatorship intends to "erase from memory" the massacre of May 30 by declaring it a national holiday, say victims

Mother of Alvarito Conrado: “May 30 is a day of mourning, a wound that still hurts in Nicaragua”

The Nicaraguan writer William Alexander Gonzalez Guevara He will present, on May 30, at the Aragonese Youth Institute, in Zaragoza, Spain, his book entitled “It hurts to breathe.”

González’s creation portrays the “pain” generated from the social outbreak of April 2018, in Nicaragua, and the one that won him the Hispanic-American poetry prize.

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Will be present at the event Lizeth Davila, mother of Alvarito Conrad, one of the first murdered in the social protests of 2018, and to whom the writer dedicated the poem “It hurts to breathe”, the same title of the work.

«May 30 is going to be a very nice meeting, in which poetry will speak; We are going to share pain, emotional sensations; and we will share those nostalgic sensations that characterize the book so much”, explained the poet.

May 30: a very great pain

Regarding Nicaraguan Mother’s Day, the date on which the country suffered one of the greatest waves of repression by the Daniel Ortega regime, in 2018, William González told Article 66 that that day “involves great pain that lengthens as the years go by.”

Referring to the mothers who lost their children in the social protests in Nicaragua, the writer highlighted the struggle of each one of them for justice to be done.

Mother of Alvarito Conrado: "May 30 is a day of mourning, a wound that still hurts in Nicaragua"

He also stressed that this date is lived in a very painful way, and in the book, as he details, one can see how the lives of many mothers were marked, “as is the case of Lizeth -Dávila- who is in exile ».

“The book is there to remember that the fight against the dictatorship continues and above all to ask for justice for all those innocent souls that were lost,” added González.

Lizeth Dávila: There is nothing to celebrate»

For her part, Lizeth Dávila recalled that she cannot forget this date, because a month before her son was assassinated “by a sniper, on the orders of the dictatorial couple we have in Nicaragua.”

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She asserted that as mothers they cannot forget “what they did to our children just for thinking differently and longing for a homeland with justice, democracy and freedom.”

“That is why on May 30 there is nothing to celebrate because that day, in 2018, was full of blood, mourning, pain, with the massacre that Ortega and Murillo carried out in the march, where many Nicaraguans They came together to accompany the mothers who had already lost our children in April,” he added.

One of the photographs exhibited in the museum, in which Álvarito Conrado appears with his parents.  Photo: G. Shiffman / Article 66
Mother of Alvarito Conrado: “May 30 is a day of mourning, a wound that still hurts in Nicaragua.” Photo: Article 66 / G. Shiffman

Dávila affirmed that all the mothers who lost their children will not tire of demanding justice without impunity. “May 30 is a day of mourning, a wound that still hurts in Nicaragua, because the loss of a child, and even more so in the conditions in which we lost our children, is a pain that we will carry until the last day of our lives,” he concluded.

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