Morenista senators and allies endorse the report of the National Guard

Morenista senators and allies endorse the report of the National Guard

They report missing

PRI Senator Claudia Anaya Mota described the report as “pathetic” due to the absence of the information that it must contain by law, and with which the Senate is disrespected.

Among other missing items, a breakdown of the reasons for the sanctions to the elements that failed to comply with their responsibilities, and clarity of movements and where the members of the GN are attached, in addition to the general and specific objectives of the strategy for the fulfillment of the purposes of the guard.

PRD member Miguel Ángel Mancera considered the GN report incomplete, since it does not report on the exercise of the power that the Executive has to use the permanent Armed Forces in security tasks in an extraordinary, regulated, supervised, subordinate and complementary manner.

In other words, justify the cases in which that military force was used and report progress in the training of civilian personnel who join the GN, or the coordination with state and municipal police that makes it possible for them to one day assume security.

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Dangerous cockroaches and crickets

The opposition, meanwhile, dissected the document. Also from the GP, Emilio Álvarez Icaza, questioned the lack of information showing that the strategy is working.

In 2020 “more than 28,000 murders were registered (and) the National Guard only made 16 people available to the Public Ministry for the crime of intentional homicide, he said.

Instead “his report, on page 32, reports that 320 cockroaches, 20 extremely dangerous crickets, two axolotls, which must be a threat to the National Guard, three snakes and a kilo of totoaba maw were seized,” he added.

Senator from Morena, Elí Cervantes, justified the report on this by blaming the Social Communication area of ​​the GN, which “to know what hypothesis was held about the fate of the Madagascar runner and lobster cockroaches, the official response is that they are still investigating, since they would probably serve as food for other animals in the hands of those who received the increased package.

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