More than two million bottles are recycled in Pedregal, Chiriquí Province

For 13 months, the Communal Board of the Pedregal corregimiento, district of David, province of Chiriquí, has carried out the project “Recycling from Homes” with which more than two million plastic bottles have been collected.

This action is carried out jointly with the Ministry of the Environment (Mi AMBIENTE), the Community Board and the community that covers 32 neighborhoods and 17 islands.

“The population has come together, we have managed to collect two million plastic bottles. The good thing is that plastic is no longer seen in the streets or gutters in the area, we thank the community because it is their job,” explained Rito Barret, representative of Pedregal.

This community has 17,516 inhabitants (2010 census) and covers an area of ​​139.9 square kilometers (Km2). Also Krislly Quintero, regional director of Mi AMBIENTE said that “we must be aware of the pollution generated by plastics, especially in the mangrove area; today we see that the population is empowered that recycling is worth it”.

“We are contributing to the good state of the environment, and more so in this area characterized by being coastal marine that has been so affected by the poor disposal of waste in water currents,” said Andrés Núñez, resident

In the same way, environmental education workshops and trainings are being developed throughout the corregimiento in collaboration with Mi AMBIENTE, so that more young people and children become aware of the environment.

Writing by Sara Espinosa

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