More than half a million people will receive the bonus of 45,000 pesos from the ANSES

More than half a million people will receive the bonus of 45,000 pesos from the ANSES

Fernanda Raverta pointed out for whom the reinforcement is directed

The National Social Security Administration (ANSES) reported this Monday that more than half a million people signed up during the day to access the bonus of 45,000 pesos corresponding to the Food Reinforcement for those who are in conditions of vulnerability with no type of income or state assistance.

The pension agency pointed out that “514,000 people have already managed to access the Food Reinforcement and will receive the first payment as of November 14, according to the completion of the DNI,” while recalling that “registration will continue in person at offices and on the ANSES website in the coming weeks.”

The agency’s executive director, Fernanda Raverta, indicated that “throughout the day in all our offices, our website and with mobile operations in the most remote or most populated places, we were able to serve all the people who signed up for this Reinforcement, which we remember is for those who have nothing, who do not receive any assistance from the State and are in a situation of extreme social and economic gravity”.

The ANSES pointed out that “those people who do not have registered work (in a dependency relationship, self-employed, from private homes, monotributistas or social monotributistas) and who are not receiving Retirement and/or contributory or non-contributory pension (both national and provincial and municipal), Unemployment Benefit, Work Promotion, Progress Scholarships, Pregnancy Allowance for Social Protection, Social Programs (both national and provincial or municipal) or those who have daughters and/or sons who receive the Universal Allowance for Daughter and Son or Salary Family”.

Later, The pension agency highlighted that “to access the Reinforcement, the people who register must complete a Sworn Declaration, which will be evaluated together with their consumption, assets and assets.which is equivalent to not being able to have vehicles (cars, motorcycles and others) registered in their name that are less than 10 years old, real estate, credit and/or debit card consumption in the last 2 months, time deposits fixed and bonds in the last 6 months, accreditation in bank accounts in the last 2 months, purchases in foreign currency in the last 6 months, social work or prepaid”.

Finally, in the case of people between the ages of 18 and 24, the socioeconomic control will also be carried out on their family group.

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